Proven Formula for Everyday Peace

What is Everyday Peace?
Have you ever spent a day at the beach on a windy day? Everyday peace is bringing that light feeling you have after spending the day at the beach, into your daily life.

It’s like a wind-inspired ease that allows you to create enough white space, rhythm, and momentum to accomplish more than you could when were tethered to the daily slog through the crisis, chaos, and busywork.

There a formula with just a few activities that can bring you more everyday peace:

1. Sorting and Limiting

Finding Everyday Peace involves doing a little bit of sorting. It means sorting what is important from isn’t (what is non-important). It means filtering what you want to say yes to from what you need to say to no to, and being clear on what you will do with the things you currently have doubts about.
Most women I talk to have a tremendous pile of stuff that they currently have doubt about on their minds. In addition to being exhausted, they hold on to these “Maybe’s” even though will become an emotional minefield if these maybes are left alone (to multiply).

They should be sifted like chaff from wheat if you hope to accomplish more than you do now. Instead, focus on those yeses.

2. Connection
Connecting with your spiritual nature is one of the absolute best things to do to create some additional white space in your life. It has the combined benefits of reframing problems and allowing you to experience the reality that nothing is missing from any situation. In short, it brings a natural ease as you allow the old limiting perspectives to fall away.
There are many different ways to connect with this state of Oneness that will help you whole and complete.

While I teach many ways to do this, one of the simplest ways I can share with you here is to give you a simple perception exercise:

Close your eyes, and then see your thoughts as thoughts (rather than paying attention to the meaning of the thoughts), and then look to the side of that thought in your mind’s eye.

You see, the #1 thing that prevents you from experiencing your pure essential nature – is being caught in your thinking. In short, we rely too heavily on paying attention to our thoughts rather than using a more balanced approach of mind-body knowing.

3. Design
We can design things to be as we wish them to be. We can create things, so they are inspiring, calming, efficient, practical or any other criteria we choose. It’s easy to forget that, though. We either forget that we can empower ourselves, or forget that we have a choice.

You can design your environments to help you succeed at any personal leadership outcome you desire. It just takes a little planning time and an awareness of which elements will pull you forward and inspire you rather than causing you to carry ALL the weight.

4. Delivery
Getting the right stuff done effectively is a desire of any high performer.

But what if you’ve developed a reputation for not delivering on promises? What then? My best advice is to start fresh. First, over-communicate your new intentions and then engage your highest level of commitment and integrity to follow through on any promise you make from now on.

Second, I will immediately ask you to make fewer promises. There is nothing like lifting the burden of serving others when you are trying to do so with depleted resources.

Later, when your tank is full again you can help from that place. You will accomplish more, serve more and feel more at peace.

Think about what helps you to feel more peaceful. How can you bring more of that into your life?

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Anne is a coaching veteran of 16 years. Gently coaching sensitive women in leadership roles to have the momentum they have been missing and the ease they crave. Anne helps leaders experience everyday peace.

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