How to Create Personalized Inspirational Affirmations


Studies show that affirmations can contribute to our well-being in meaningful ways.

When you create customized positive self-talk, such as inspirational affirmations, it can be a super tool to help affirm and bring into manifestation your meaningful desires.

Affirmations can also provide you with a sense of peace as you clearly state your desires for future change.That is if you craft your words in a way that is useful and not detrimental. By useful, I mean that they are in fact your values instead of someone else’s values.  While it may be tempting to borrow affirmations from another source rather than have them come from your own heart, it doesn’t  truly honor your values and your growth.

The primary goal when creating your intentions is two-fold. First, you want to anchor your intention by bringing focus to what you perceive to be coming in the future. Then affirm it. Secondly, you want to simultaneously bring the energy of resourceful states into your body at the feeling level. This energy helps to shift your emotional states into proper alignment with your intentions.

There are many approaches to creating an affirmation.   My intention is to show you a way you can create affirmations that align with your deepest desires and personal values.

First, some general tips for writing an inspirational affirmation:

  1. Keep it positive
  2. Keep it short
  3. Keep it judgment-free
  4. Use uplifting language
  5. Use emotion-based words
  6. Be prepared to bring breath to it persistently

Affirmations can be a way of magnifying your conditioning if you are not conscious of what you’re affirming. For example, are the desires that you’re affirming serving your ego or your soul? It can be challenging to make the distinction between the two, especially if you feel what you want is something you need and it seems that your requests are going unanswered by your higher power.

Affirmations seem to work best and have the most power when you place the least amount of conditioning on them as they are being created. Try to have your desires bubble up from your awareness in moments of meditation or calm.

Your affirmation statements should be stated in the present tense rather than some future or conditional statement. Use an active voice in the now, as this helps to aid in the feeling’s you desire to manifest in the present moment. You must believe what you say to be true… now.

Doubt is one of the biggest numbing agents to our emotional guidance.  So, you will want to craft each of your statements in such a way that you believe the energy of the statement is alive at the moment and in you.

Once you can create the mind-body state that matches the intention, you have given yourself a tool that enhances your personal greatness, and that can bolster your emotional energy when you call on it.

Here is a simple technique for crafting your customized affirmation statements by creating 3 lists:

List 1

The first list should be all about what you want to manifest. In this list, you’ll want to list things such as states of being you desire or your values. For example, some frequently used values that my client’s use are peace, longevity, health, wisdom, compassion and prosperity. Some subsets of these larger values are fitness, calmness, money, productivity and feeling lighter. Keeping in mind the question of “does it serve my soul?” is important as it helps to keep you anchored in moving in the right direction. Remain focused on what you want rather than what you want to change.

List 2

The second list helps you to go deeper in clarifying why you want the things in the first list. This list is all about the meaning behind your desires. For example, if rest was one of the items listed in the first list perhaps what you are truly after is optimal health. This list will better help your mind fill in the details as you affirm. The more precise language you use in this list generally, the better your results will be. Stay clear of ambiguous and comparatives words as they don’t add any clarity to what you are affirming.

List 3

The third list is about the outcomes you wish to achieve. The outcomes are the “how” you will go about accomplishing what it is you desire. This list is about you stating the intention of what you will do to help bring about and manifest your dreams. This step is all about you taking action and fueling your desires with emotional energy. For example, if you mentioned wisdom in List 1, then your action step might be being proactive and connecting with a role model or mentor.

With your 3 lists, you now have a tool to which to create meaningful and inspirational affirmations that are customized for you alone.

The next part of the exercise is to combine one element from each list to form an affirmation statement.

Remembering to keep it present-tense.  Double check that you currently believe it to be true. It must be plausible. Make the statements short, emotion based, pithy and powerful.   You are creating a pattern language for yourself  – and it is important that it evokes an inspired feeling within you.

Some examples of completed intention statements:

  • Laughing out loud (Outcome) enhances my spirit (WHY) and brings me lightness (Desire).
  • I ask fundamental questions (Outcome) and improve my results (Desire) as I better myself (Why).
  • I am very productive (desire) and abundant (WHY) as I use my systems (Outcome)
  • My Health (Desire, Outcome) is my Wealth ( WHY)
  • I Fully Live (Desire) in the Wonder (Outcome) of Moments (Why)

And this goes without saying, if you are committed to creating meaningful change, you should be prepared to fill your mind with all the direction and passion you can.

Repeat your affirmations at every opportunity, until you reach your goal.

Persist until you succeed.

Reach out and talk to me about how to create morning power routines if you are interested using affirmations as part of a morning power hour.

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